Jan 13, 2012
Karen Loucks

Mafia Wars Family Battles

After having participated in  several Mafia Wars Family Battles over the holiday,  I realized now might be a good time for a quick  education in mafia wars Do‘s and Don’ts. And I might as well give a few tips for those that may not have a great mafia wars family and help of the UnlockedMW toolbar like  I do. After all, there are some acceptable things and some unacceptable things to do in Mafia Wars family battles.

Mafia Wars Family Battles – Chicago Boost

To help you get an edge,  and have a chance of surviving the initial onslaught of  swinging knives and flying bullets, TIP: save  the Chicago properties for the purpose of getting that huge health boost for a family battle, by collecting right before the battle starts. You can do this the manual way, or use the Property Manager app in the UnlockedMW toolbar. TIP: Then I have another tab opened and sitting there, if needed, to refill stamina, health or whatever else may arise. This is great for keeping an eye on the battle  progress without all the flashing and overlay of the fights. We are almost ready for the Mafia Wars family battle to start. By all means make sure you have joined the battle preferably before it starts; this is one of those minor details you don‘t want to forget (done it). When the Mafia Wars family battle is a few seconds away from starting (lucky for me I have the UnlockedMW toolbar), all I have to do is click the red cross for health, click the stamina button to green, the flame is next to the health cross. Choose green to fight only if you win or you can choose to red ice as well by clicking the stamina button one more time and making it red. Then to the left of the health cross and over one is the “Slayer” ! My friends this is like the Nobel Peace Prize winning, earth shattering, most awesome, best thing ever! (I have regained my composure) Make sure that Slayer is green. Slayer’s job is to move down that list of fighters, going through them like lightning!  Time it to the point that you are clicking the slayer button at the precise moment the battle is starting. You should be locked and loaded, Game On!!!
Mafia Wars family battles are for fun. There not for grudges, or whining. The battles are one of the many things we need to do to keep up in the game, not just for ourselves, but now for your own entire tag. The following is the same for either the one hour or the four hour Family Battles.

Mafia Wars Family Battles - Etiquette 

Most tags don’t post the ices until the end, and group them together. This way each person is only posting a few, my tag prefers to post the capos of our own tag members from the battle. Whatever you do, only post them on YOUR tags wall. No slandering on walls or bad comments. Wait until you see the feature to help with posting on the unlockedmw toolbar, it makes it so easy and fast!

For the sake of your clans pride, please…..

NO declaring war, NO asking mafia to attack… zero, none , nada, zip, zilch a no-no.

NO robbing individuals properties, again not at all, none, don’t do it, a no-no.

During the Mafia Wars family battle, if you are not strong enough to fight, by all means stay healed! Why you ask? Because it helps keep the other side from getting to your tags safe house. Not to mention that healing, whether winning or losing is good sportsmanship and earns respect. The other side will have fun icing you, and Mafia Wars is all about fun!

TIP: Keep your eyes on the other sides safe house. If your tag is ahead, they may get to the safe house and you can assist there by clicking to get it down. I am loving this feature in the UnlockedMW toolbar, if there are no live targets and the safe house becomes vulnerable, slayer automatically starts clicking it for me!!!  How awesome is that!?

When the battle is all over, win or lose, this is what I personally feel is one of the most important things you need to do in the game period. Go to the opponents public wall, and leave a nice comment, thanking them for the battle, for healing, for good sportsmanship etc. This is a must to earn respect for your tag,  and yourself in the game! They will be doing the same on your wall and you should again click like and say thank you, offer respect etc. Tip: I like to include my Mafia Wars name as it appears on my profile page, making it easier to identify us since our Facebook name is all that posts for comments.

Mafia Wars family battle


After all the battle talk, postings, thank yous, smacks on the butts, high fives, strutting, and general laughter from the fun you are then able to hold your head up high in the game, knowing you are showing “good game play”. Thereby earning respect and recognition. Who knows, you may end up finding the mate of your dreams(yes it has happened), you long lost cousin Bob, or a new friend in the world of Mafia Wars.

See you in the game friends, Get a copy of UnlockedMW Mafia Wars Toolbar and watch for a Mafia Wars family battle request from me!



  • I would like to know if you plan on adding a did not hit list like Battlefield and Ass- have??? Love this toolbar, but being in a clan we have allies we are not allowed to attack. This would be a great improvement for me to be able to accomplish this using your bar.

    Thanks Deana-Widow Maker

    • We actually maintain such a list, it will not hit people that you previously lost to in automated play.

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