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UnlockedMW Mafia Wars Toolbar release 2.2.7 – The Ultimate Mafia Wars Script

We are pleased to announce the BETA release of UnlockedMW 2.2.7, for both Chrome and Firefox.  This release includes the following:

1. Autoposting now supported for all browers

2. Bug Fix for getting stuck on Rivals

3. Removal of the Zbar

4. Updated robbing code (thanks GuessX!)

5. Check for updates/ Firefox

As usual, we will allow a few days for our Paid members to Beta test and assess stability,  during this time the only way to get the new release is from the downloads area or to complete a survey. Once it is deemed stable, we will push the update to our Chrome users.


May 31, 2011
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Toolbar updated – New Beta Energy feature

A major update to the Mafia Wars toolbar went live this morning.  This release includes beta code for repeating jobs. The feature is availiable by turning on (green) the energy control box on the toolbar.  When active it will continously repeat any job you click until all your energy is exhausted.  Please submit any bug reports regarding this feature in the discussions on the facebook fanpage.

Toolbar updated – collects bounties

Thanks to a user suggestion the stamina helper now helps you collect hitlist  bounties. The unlockedMW toolbar is completely auto-updating.  You always have the latest version every time you load Mafia Wars.

May 26, 2011
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UnlockedMW Toolbar Preview

We have been making incredible progress on the unlockedmw toolbar.  It currently fights, heals, deals with popups, and facilitates posting to arbitrary facebook pages and groups.  Also it allows you to load other useful bookmarklets such as brawler, chucker, property manager, etc, without having to unframe Mafia Wars.

May 25, 2011
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Let’s face it there are a ton of Mafia Wars scripts out there, so many that it’s become a hassle to unframe, load, restart your browser.  Many of these scripts are excessive, buggy, and memory hungry. is about to rewrite the rules of what a comprehensive Mafia Wars script should do. Unlock your game and get more ICES!

A whole new Mafia Wars experience, brought to you by, coming June 2011.

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