Jan 4, 2014
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Games Giant Zynga Starts Playing With Bitcoin

Games Giant Zynga Starts Playing With Bitcoin.

Social gaming giant Zynga has announced that it will be accepting bitcoin for in-app payments in selected games, as a “test” with payment processor BitPay. The move opens up $200m per quarter in potential markets for the digital currency.

It doesn’t appear that the option is yet available for Mafia Wars, although it would make sense if they were to add it. Mafia Wars has one of the highest fraud rates on credit card and paypal, of all the social media games. By the way, we started accepting Bitcoin payments for lifetime memberships nearly a year ago…and at the time Bitcoin was only $100. I hope the few members that took advantage of our bitcoin offer bought some extra to keep as savings as today the price is over $800.

UnlockedMW Mafia Wars Toolbar 5.0.7 Release

We are pleased to announce the release of UnlockedMW Mafia Wars Toolbar version 5.0.7. This release adds preliminary support for the new city in Mafia Wars, South Africa.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 11.26.44 AM

Also be on the lookout this weekend as we will be offering a small number of Lifetime Memberships for our Back to School sale.

Video – Unlocked MW Mafia Wars Toolbar 5.0.6 VIP Beta Release

Apr 1, 2013
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UnlockedMW Mafia Wars Toolbar VIP/PRO v5.0.5 Release

We are pleased to announce the release of UnlockedMW Mafia Wars Toolbar VIP/PRO v5.0.5 . This update contains the following fixes:

-Loot Score tracker N/A bug fix

-Update default installed Apps

-Tweaks to the healing code

Also as of this release v5 is no longer in BETA, thus we are back to having separate versions between PRO and VIP.  If you are a PRO member and have been enjoying the VIP version we encourage you to upgrade to get all the VIP benefits.

Announcing Mafia Ninja – New Arena Fighting Script

There’s a new arena script out there called Mafia Ninja.   I have been testing it for several days and its really impressive.  If you are looking for something different for fighting in the arena, then you should give Mafia Ninja a try.  www.mafianinja.com

Mafia Wars Scheduled Maintenance

From the Mafia Wars Team,

Hello fellow mobsters.  We regret to inform you that Mafia Wars will be closed for maintenance from Feb 29th – Feb 31st for some much needed server upgrades.  We are sorry for the inconvenience but we are looking forward to some exciting new game play when we come back online March 1st.

Thank You,

The Mafia Wars Team


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